Look, NYTimes, You Can Hate On Aperol Spritzes But We The Twitter Populace Love Them

Having a hot take is great when the take is good, but the internet has something to tell you, New York Times: Your latest take on Aperol spritzes being bad is not good.

Aperol spritzes are delightfully refreshing and make you feel like you’re on a beach in the Amalfi coast when you’re actually on a fire escape in Gowanus. For another, the coastal elites on media Twitter love them and want everyone to know they do.

“For me, a well-made spritz is an ideal opener to the night. The best ones are more nuanced than the Aperol spritz, but no more complicated. If your finished drink tastes like a children’s vitamin, it’s wrong, and it’s a hangover biding its time,” said the writer.

Personally, the flavor of children’s vitamins evokes nostalgia for us so we’re not sure that’s even a valid criticism. But also: There is a lot of nuance in the world. Do our cocktails need to be nuanced to be enjoyable? No. Aperol spritzes are simple. They’re merely prosecco, Aperol, soda and an orange slice. How wonderfully uncomplicated!

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